Automatically adjust the rest of your day when a task takes longer (or shorter) than planned.
Falling behind schedule
When a task takes longer than you had originally scheduled, or a new task comes up that you hadn't originally scheduled, it's now easy to adjust your remaining schedule for the day.
Just adjust the task on your calendar, and your remaining tasks for the day will be automatically rescheduled to the next available time.
Getting ahead of schedule
When you finish a task quicker than you had scheduled, it's now easy to adjust your remaining schedule for the day.
Just complete the task, and your remaining tasks for the day will be automatically shifted forward to fill the newly available time.
Disabling auto-reschedule
If you don't want the auto-rescheduler to work its magic, you can:
  • Hold down 'Shift' when adjusting a task on your calendar
  • Use 'Cmd + Z' ('Ctrl + Z' on Windows) to undo the auto-rescheduling
  • Permanently disable auto-rescheduling from your account settings page
  • Only tasks are auto-rescheduled. Meetings, and other events originating from your calendar, are never touched.
  • Only tasks that have already been scheduled will be auto-rescheduled. Auto-reschedule won't attempt to adjust tasks you haven't already put on your calendar.
To learn more about the nuances of how auto-rescheduling works, read our full auto-rescheduling guide.
Weekly Update: November 18, 2022
New Feature
  • Browse and import issues/PRs from GitHub Projects v2.
Bug Fixes
  • Outlook events load faster when you have a lot of recurring events.
Weekly Update: November 4, 2022
New Feature
  • If a task has rolled over any number of days, the rollover count is now always displayed on the task card. Previously, this information would only be shown if a task had rolled over multiple days, and it would do so in less minimalistic UI. It should now always clear which tasks have rolled over without this information being a distraction.
Here's an example of what a task that's rolled over once looks like (i.e. it rolled over from yesterday):
  • When aligning a task with an objective, preserve the task's current channel if it has one.
Bug Fixes
  • Calendar events no longer disappear for a few seconds immediately after being created.
Weekly Update: October 28, 2022
Bug Fixes
  • Fix keyboard shortcuts for navigating between days.
  • Prevent hidden calendars from being selected when adding a calendar integration.
  • Ensure edits to objective titles are saved when quickly exiting the page.
Weekly Update: October 21, 2022
New Feature:
  • Import tasks from integrations by pasting url during task creation (only supported for GitHub and ClickUp).
  • When auto-scheduling a task, show an option to schedule the task to a future day if there are no available times in your schedule on the current day.
  • Outlook events load in faster if you have many recurring event series.
Bug Fixes:
  • If you've integrated multiple calendar accounts, your primary calendar for each account should always show under that account.
  • The desktop app properly prevents you from visiting certain pages that should only be accessible via the web app.
  • Certain keyboard shortcuts (like '<') should work regardless of which keyboard layout you use.
  • Prevent teammates from adjusting when tasks assigned to you are scheduled on the calendar.
  • When converting a subtask to a task, link the resulting task to the parent's objective (if it had one).
  • When performing calendar edits that don't require confirmation, don't flash confirmation prompt.
  • When creating a recurring task, future instances of the task do not inherit the linked weekly objective.
  • When using Trello search, 'list' headers do not show if there are no cards that match the search in that list.
Weekly Update: October 14, 2022
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix an issue that prevented deleting working sessions from the task page
  • Fix an issue that prevented the "Schedules" page from loading on the Desktop app
  • Ensure that channel automations are honored when a task is imported from an integration directly to the calendar
  • Fix an issue that prevented dragging multiple Todoist tasks in quick succession
  • Fix an issue that prevented dragging in ClickUp tasks that are nested more than three levels deep
Weekly Update: October 7, 2022
Bug Fixes:
  • When your session expires, you are automatically logged out.
  • When dragging tasks from your backlog onto your calendar, the calendar event duration is affected by the planned time of the task.
  • Fixes an issue that caused calendar events to appear as the wrong color.
  • Prevent unintentionally creating calendar events when clicking on the app to establish focus, while in focus mode.
  • Completing the daily planning routine on one device will exit the daily planning routine on other devices with that view open.
Weekly Update: September 23, 2022
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes an issue that prevented selecting a teammate while in certain channels.
  • Fixes an issue that allowed public channels to be created under private contexts.
  • Fixes an issue with multiply nested subtasks in ClickUp not showing.
Weekly Update: September 2, 2022
Small improvements:
  • Date picker now always highlights today in blue.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a performance issue on the desktop app.
  • If you first signed up for a free trial years ago and want to restart, you can now do so.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the same day to appear twice on daylight savings.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented inputing certain times in 24 hour format.
Weekly Update: August 26, 2022
Small improvements:
  • If you have a calendar with a very light background color, the color of the title text is now black so it's more readable.
  • When you're editing the planned or actual time from the task details page, it should now be clear which day you're editing the planned or actual time from.
  • Pressing
    now always closes the top-most view open in Sunsama.
  • You can now set a planned time on a task created from an all day event.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where rapid edits to an event (or timeboxed task's) duration time could cause it to snap back to its last position.
  • Fixed an issue that caused calendars tied to older Microsoft on-prem instances not to load events.
  • Fixed several errors that could cause the Notion panel to show an error screen instead of tasks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to see "Busy" for events they had access to.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Todoist panel to show an error screen instead of tasks.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed toggling the timer on tasks assigned to teammates.
  • Links in Slack integration intro message now open the correct help center pages.
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