New Features
  • The web link for emails imported from Outlook or Gmail can open the email in Superhuman. Configure this in your account settings. More info on this thread.
  • Due dates for Trello Checklist items now show when previewing Trello card information.
  • You can now add new tasks to Sunsama without opening the Sunsama app with the global add task keyboard shortcut. Learn more from our help center article.
  • Search filters don't reset when you close a tab or close Sunsama.
  • The calendar zoom toggle button is now more obvious.
Improvements to the Jira integration:
  • When issues are filtered because they've already been imported to Sunsama, highlight the filter visually so it's more apparent why issues are not listed.
  • When navigating to a new project, fix an issue that could load a blank page of results.
  • When navigating to the last page of issue results, fix an issue that didn't let you go back a page.